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"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

MARCH  2017

03 26 17pm The Great Fall of Jerusalem 2 Chron 36v11 21

God patiently pursues sinners, but His patience will one day come to an end.

03 26 17am Engage in His Plan James 4v13

If you were suddenly thrown back in time and you were able to know what was going to happen before it happened, what would you do? If you could do it all over again what would you do different?
We have to learn to live in the now. This is God’s plan for us. Give thanks for today.

03 19 17am Engaged in the Blood John 8v32 36

There is freedom in the blood of Jesus

03 12 17am Engage in the Spirit John 16v7 14

As God’s beautiful new creations, we’re free to leave the past behind. But How do we do that when we are attacked at what seems like every turn? We stop looking for the attackers and start looking for our direction from the Holy Spirit.

03 5 17am Engage the Power 2 Timothy 1v3 11

Our Focus on the Light of the World and His word, Jesus Christ should remain our focus, He is our Light and our Power.

03 5 17 pm God Pursues Judah Joel 1- 2

Repentance is grieving over our sin, turning away from our sin and toward God for forgiveness


02 26 17pm David Brewer Ruth

The story and Presence of God in Ruth

02 26 17am Watson Franks

Sunday Morning

02 22 17pm Reagan Jackson Prayer Meeting

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

02 19 17pm Reagan Jackson

Sunday Night Devotion

02 19 17am Hes Always There Youre never alone Matt 28v18

Too often we feel like we are going through life alone. Today Christ let's us know we are never alone.

02 12 17 am Engage and Teach Them Matthew 28v18 20

We are commanded by our Lord and Savior to go and make disciples. The focus not so much on the going, but the making of disciples.

02 05 17am Engage Him in Baptism Matt 28v18 20

Baptism by Immersion in the Holy Spirit is what makes us His.


01 29 17am Engage the Disciple The Call of His Church Matthew 28v16 20

Our call to be a disciple is to both learn fro and teach other of Jesus. Strengthening all in the faith

01 22 17am Kenneth Etta The Gospel

Missionary Kenneth Etta shares the Gospel of Jesus with us.

01 15 17am 02 Go Engage the Kingdom Matthew 28v19

GO is often the focus of the Great Commission when we should Make Disciples

01 08 17pm Coming Victory 2 Kings 19v8 13a

Persecution will be apart of our lives but, The Victory has already been won.

01 08 17am Engage the Kingdom Isaiah 61v1 4

Engage the Kingdom Proclaim the Lords favor, Live in the Anointing.


12 25 16am THE HERO OF CHRISTMAS Matthew 2

“Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him”

12 18 16am Christmas through the eye of Joseph Matthew 1

Joseph’s story is a story of his obedience to God, He was the Hero that would listen to the word of the Lord and raise the Son of God.

12 11 16pm Suffering Servant Isa 52v13a

Salvation comes through the suffering of God’s chosen Servant.

12 11 16am 16 HERO DAVID 1 SAMUEL 17a

Most people say, "Why should I repent, I’m not that bad."

12 4 16pm God reveals Himself Isaiah 6

Display God's character in your walk. This is the Spirit that others see.

12 4 16am 15 THE HEROS Judgement, JOSHUA JOSHUA 2 AND 6

God's judgement is caried out through those He choese. We may not know the time God's ways are not our ways.


11 30 16 Bro Mike Be Alert but Humble 1 Peter 5v5-11

Living with our head in the sand will not be a good witness to our children. We should always be alert to see that our calling is in the direction of the Lord.

11 27 16am Hiding from THE PROMISED HERO GENESIS 3

As Gods children where do you run to Hide from Him. Maybe your clset would be a good place.

11 27 16pm God Reveals the Way to Be Healed 2 Kings 5v1 19 

What do we reflect as we walk in God's Kingdom

11-23-16pm Bro Mike Thanksgiving In All Things Matthew 11v25

Jesus teaches us about Faith and being Thankful in all things even those that need faith

11 20 16am Thanksgiving Day after Day Psalms 50v23a

11-13-16pm Gerald Brignac Ps 42-43 Hope

Just as a seed in the ground shows the Hope of life, we are given this gift

11-13-16am Greg Stuckey Joshua 17 We want More

Can we all be satisfied where God has placed us?

11 06 16 Bro Mike Moses at the Mountain of God Exodus 20 32

Do we follow God as we should or do we get tired and worship our own desires. Do we become impatient with God's time. Wait on the Lord and He will lead us to the promised land.

10 30 16am THE FAITH OF ABRAHAM Genesis 22v1 19a

Would we be willing to Follow like the Father of our Faith?

10 23 16am The God of the Covenant of Promise Genesis 15v1 21a

His promises are for all you will follow

10 23 16pm The God who whispers 1 Kings 19v1-19a

Can you hear it. It's not in the clap of the Thunder, it's in His voice!

09 25 16am Rehoboam and Jeroboam Two Kings and the Gospel 1 Kings 12v1 19

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Bro Mike Joy of a Mother Luke 2v25-52

May 2013 Message  Luke 2v25 52
Date: 5 12 13 

Faith from the Unqualified Ruth 1v1- 21 Date: Jun 4, 2013

Bro. Mike The Temple of Wisdom 

Temple of Wisdom   1 Corinthians 3v16    date: 5-26-13

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Trinity Baptist Church of Vidor exists to join believers together, to exalt God, and shape our lives after Him, in order to use our gifts, to shine His light into the world... it's all about Jesus! 

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